Creating a

through a strong

The Crisis

The problem statement -
We all dream of a happy world.
But do we live in one?

A growing problem not only in India but all over the globe is that children are more stressed than ever. In fact, India has one of the highest rates of suicides among students, an issue that begs, screams and yearns for attention, yet goes unattended many a times.

Juvenile crimes increase
every year by 50%
1 in 4 teens of 13-15 age groups
have depression

How are we addressing the problem:

In today’s fast paced, competition laden and technology driven world, we struggle hard to achieve the best of everything but the element of happiness remains missing. Very often unknown to us, our children today are under tremendous pressure from all sides. They are confused or simply don’t know how to react and express their emotions in everyday situations, in the absence of a deeply embedded Value system. The lack of a strong, carefully curated value/ happiness education curriculum coupling with the factors of desolation, discontentment leaves our children vulnerable to a life full of constant unhappiness. However, if one learns to be happy with oneself, the stress levels reduce and one develops a deeper insight not only of themselves but also of others.

When all options started looking bleak for our children, we rolled up our sleeves and took on ourselves the responsibility to instil a Value system in them, which will guide them through these tough growing up times and stand by them through their lifetime.

Blue Orb

We at the Blue Orb Foundation aim to make value learning an integral part of young and developing minds. We try to enrich the lives of children and young adults through a combination of skills like mindfulness, self-awareness, critical thinking, reflection and inner stability. We inspire them to realize their full potential, focusing on their physical, emotional and spiritual quotient. Thus ensuring happiness and peace within one’s self.

Blue Orb’s has taken Value education
to schools through its ‘Poornata’ program.

Poornata is an innovative, specialized and interactive philosophy that focuses on imparting values to children in a fun and effective way. The module complements the efforts of the parents and the teachers to impart value education in children through a creative and specialized methodology making learning impact-full, simple, fun and forever. The Curriculum is a unique combination of storytelling, value games, dance, drama and music. The module encourages children to think both creatively and analytically – enabling them to cope with their emotions, build interpersonal relationships, develop empathy, communicate effectively etc. which in turn will nurture our students to be citizens of good character.


Teacher Training Program

The teacher training program includes activity-based curriculum for value education forums in every school to make value education a core part of schooling in India. Our resources for the teachers will support to recognize their central role in implementing the program in schools. The resources are so designed for teachers, for them to use in school in different learning situations which include activities to be used with students, parents and the wider school community.


WIN Seminars

We conduct seminars (60-120 min duration) on issues troubling the youth of today which are tailored to suit your school. Some of our programs focus upon:

  • Physical and Digital Bullying
  • Anxiety
  • Drugs & Alcohol


The goal is to involve children in small and simple acts of kindness in our homes, neighbourhood and communities. An act of Kindness can change someone’s day, make someone feel loved, inspire goodness and in turn shift our outlook towards life. Acts may involve creating a craft and giving it to someone, feeding a cow, or just smiling and saying hello to people at the supermarket. It is to develop a behaviour of serving/helping others.


Bulletin Board

Poornata Conclave - The passionate School Leaders meet once in two months to dedicate their time and energies in making value education an integral part of young and developing mind.