Our Philosophy

The world of love, joy, peace and prosperity we dream of is something very different in reality. Today it is a world torn apart by violence, resource depletion, increased carbon footprint and natural and manmade disasters.

We aspire to create a winning world through a strong value foundation. We dream of our children as human beings growing up with a strong character and contributing positively to society at large. We dream of them as physically strong but at the same time emotionally balanced and spiritual.

How are we addressing the problem?

In today’s fast-paced, competition laden and technology-driven world that we live in, oftentimes emotions are not openly shared or discussed. Very often unknown to us, our children today are under tremendous pressure from all sides. They are confused or simply don’t know how to react and express their emotions in everyday situations in the absence of a deeply embedded Value system.The lack of a strong, carefully curated value education curriculum coupling with the factors of desolation, discontentment leaves our children vulnerable to a life full of constant unhappiness.

When all options started looking bleak for our children, It is we who rolled up our sleeves to come to their help. It is our responsibility to instil a Value system in them which will guide them through these tough growing up times and stand by them through their lifetime. After all, these children are our future and we are the ones to ensure that their future is stable, successful and happy!

  • Did you feel happy today?
  • Did anything upset you?
  • What would make tomorrow a better day for you?
  • Is there anything you want to share with me?”

Those are all questions which should be asked on a regular basis, and the general satisfaction, emotions and happiness of children and students should be constantly monitored.

Poornata Learning Blocks

Our Building Blocks are aimed at developing and strengthening a young mind’s Intelligence, Emotional and Spiritual Quotient. Our value education instills the foundations of ethical and cultural thinking in young people, enabling them to take the right decisions in life. The power to make the right judgment builds courage, which in turn leads to the development of an unclouded foresight and clarity of vision.

Building IQ, EQ and SQ

Experimental Learning

At Blue Orb

we believe that every child’s value system is being shaped every moment, and we strive to make value learning an integral part of young developing minds and make happiness a theme of students’ expression, diction and actions. The objective is to build a generation that can make the right choices, work towards a brighter future and create a happy world.


To make Value Learning an integral part of young developing minds.

For these dreams to come true, the child’s mind should be attuned or influenced to a strong set
of values. Instilling a robust value system in our children is essential to help them handle the
vagaries of life with dignity and responsibility.

Blue Orb’s philosophy is based on

WIN - Work, Inspire and Nourish

Work the body

We need to appreciate this wonderful creation we live in – Our Body. We must be sensitive towards our body’s messages helping us to fuel it with the right food, exercise and love.

Here the sessions would help children tap into the innate power of their subconscious and assist them in becoming the authors of their lives.

Inspire the mind

The sessions here would include techniques helping children develop as holistic and benevolent leaders with sterling characters and sound minds. Helping children being passionate and maintaining a clear focus and being capable of taking suitable decisions.

Nourish the soul

The soul is the inherent essence of one’s being and when we Nourish the soul, we inculcate the right values for a healthy and happy living. These sessions are focused at helping the children tap into the innate power of their subconscious and assist them in becoming the authors of their lives.