Blue Orb has taken value education to schools through the ‘Poornata’ program.

‘Poornata’ is an innovative and interactive interaction with children, which focuses on imparting basic life and human values to them in a fun and effective manner through a creative and specialized methodology, making learning impactful, simple and unforgettable and enhancing the personal happiness and wellbeing of each child. Values complete the holistic development of a child and a child who has imbibed the right values in his life will go on to develop as an individual who is cultured, humane, moral and happy.

Poornata Learning Blocks

Our Building Blocks are aimed at developing and strengthening a young mind’s Intelligence, Emotional and Spiritual Quotient. Our value education instills the foundations of ethical and cultural thinking in young people, enabling them to take the right decisions in life. The power to make the right judgment builds courage, which in turn leads to the development of an unclouded foresight and clarity of vision.

The 'Poornata' module focuses on

Character Building

Instilling positive values in children, developing their physical, emotional and spiritual quotients contributing to character building.

Skill Building

Enhancement of skills through interactive storytelling, drama and certified mind and body exercises like Super Brain Yoga to facilitate skill building


Personality Building

Personality building through development of leadership and interpersonal skills by means of team building sessions, positive self-imagery and confidence building tasks.

Experiential Community

Experiential Community Service through sensitizing the child on the need for the growth of a community as a whole.

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is a unique combination of storytelling, value games, dance, drama and music. It encourages children to think both creatively and analytically. The rich legacy of folklore and moral tales are adapted to modern tools like board and app-based games fostering love for culture and heritage.

Poornata consists of 9 modules on: Love, Gratitude, Integrity, Courage, Respect, Humility, Trust, and Focus and Commitment .

The focus is on creating awareness in students, providing them with experiences that they could apply to real-life situations and make informed choices for themselves. Every student’s needs – intellectual, physical and emotional – are met through a curriculum for imparting value-based lessons aimed at sensitizing the students right from the primary level.

Framework for Student Outcome

Our framework emphasises the interconnectedness of the Core Values and Life Skills.

The values form the basis of the decisions students make in their lives. We believe that values are fundamental for a person of good character. They guide students to discern between right and wrong, help them to make responsible choices and become more aware of their roles in society. Values are the foundation of the life skills children build which have a direct impact on the lives they lead.

Through our values we focus on acquiring the skills needed to recognise and manage emotions, develop care and concern for others, make responsible decisions, establish positive relationships and handle challenging situations effectively.

The life skills we focus upon are Decision making, Problem solving, Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Effective communication, Interpersonal relationship, Self-awareness, Empathy, Coping with emotions and Coping with stress.

We also aim to nurture our students to be citizens of good character. Through our values we focus on acquiring the following skills :

Global Awareness, Civic Literacy and Cross-Cultural Skills enables children to display socio-cultural and religious sensitivity and awareness to work together with people from diverse backgrounds within and beyond their communities. We wish by the age of 16, all the children across the country should be able to discuss community and national issues, consider their implications, and independently initiate and organise programmes to address community and social.

How do we do ?

Our Module manifests in the shape of expert-designed, youth-oriented value education programs to schools and conduct standalone workshops. The workshops are integrated with the school curriculum and custom-designed by Human Resource Experts for each school by a value expert with due consideration to the needs emphasized by the school management, teachers, parents and children.

Our Sessions are conducted by accomplished facilitators who use a unique combination of storytelling, drama, music and dance to build the character, personality and skill of the child.