Poornata Teacher Training Program

‘POORNATA’ teacher training program includes activity-based curriculum for value education forums in every school to make value education a core part of schooling in India.
These professional resources for the teachers will support to recognize their central role in implementing the program in schools. The resources are so designed for teachers, to use them in school in different learning situations which include activities to be used with students, parents and the wider school community.

Value education Team of Blue Orb Foundation is committed to train an existing team of teachers in the school, to plan and facilitate the activities as a resource and to provide a strong follow-up action.

To explore the
key role of
teachers in
value education

To engage teachers in
reflection, discussion, and
planning for effective
value education sessions in the

To promote explicit articulation of
values and the development of
common understandings
common value education language
among teachers.

To explore the opportunity to have whole school approach to values education including the vision of that particular school, school programmes, and policies, classroom teaching, and learning, the roles of parents and links within the community.

All efforts are made to ensure that these resources and professional learning activities are not seen as added tasks for the school communities, rather initiative is designed to support teachers to improve and strengthen their work in Value Education which in itself is intrinsic to the broader educational aims of all schools and teachers.

Bulletin Board

Poornata Conclave - The passionate School Leaders meet once in two months to dedicate their time and energies in making value education an integral part of young and developing mind.