WIN Seminars focus on increasing self-knowledge, clarifying values, strengthening decision-making skills and processes, and setting goalsall life skills to help any student chart a path to make the right choices, work towards a brighter future and create a happy world with confidence and passion.

Our aim is to empower students, providing learning outcomes that engender pro-social values, empathy and resilience through a lively combination of information and interaction. Our teams of qualified and experienced educators, using evidence-based research, have impacted over 5000 students and plans to reach out 20000 students by the end of the year.

Our compassionate instructors help students to explore themselves , channelise their energies in the right direction and build a vision for their future. Despite the serious topics, there is plenty of humour and fun in the seminar, videos, case examples - as well as time allowed for questions about tricky situations.

The challenges faced by adolescents start to shift, and just as they begin to understand the world around them, life gets complicated.

We offer relevant youth topics and content that are tailored to suit your school.

Our most
seminars focus
Physical & Digital Bullying
& Alcohol
Prejudices &
& Body Image

How do we do?

We conduct seminars ( 60-120 min duration) on issues troubling the youth of today which are tailored to suit your school. More than just resolving destructive behaviors our programs are designed to develop positive decision-making skills, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and cultivate a positive self-image.

The seminars are integrated with the school curriculum and custom-designed by Human Resource Experts for each school by a values expert with due consideration to the needs emphasized by the school management, teachers, parents and children.

WIN Seminars

Our sessions are conducted by trained professionals who use a unique combination of storytelling, drama, music and dance to build the character, personality and skill of the child.